Sophia's Photomerge Scene Cleaner/Dirtier

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For this assignment, we had to take pictures of our subject posing in different parts of the room.
                To make this type of image, we first had to take pictures of the people/person in our project without the background moving which is why we needed to use a tripod. We then had to clean up our pictures. Then, select the images, go to Enhance and press Photomerge Group Shot. Next, you take your pencil tool and draw on your subject to transfer them onto the picture on the right side where everything will go to. If you wanted to get rid of a body part of a person, you would use the eraser tool and just simply click on the body part. Click done and make sure to save it as a jpg so you can post it on your blogger.

 Rough : 

Photos Used:


Photos Used:

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