Emily's Photoshop Assignment

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For my project, I decided to do a faded landscape image that I found online. It was a little bit difficult because the website that had the instructions, didnt explain it very well so I had to figure most of it by myself. 

How I did it: I first chose 2 different pictures, a self picture and a landscape picture I took 2 years ago. I changed the self picture into a silhouette by making the picture entirely black. I then added the landscape picture into a layer mask and added colors to make it look nicer.


GCT Assignment: Stephen Kang

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This assignment was photo manipulation where you crop out people's heads and replace the eggs on the egg tray with the heads. First, I had to trace the front part of the egg tray to copy and paste. After that, I took photos of each teacher and used the lasso tool to crop out their heads. I then put the three layers of the heads behind the egg tray layer to manipulate the eye into thinking it was three plain, shiny eggs. I did some finishing touches with the dodge and burn tool to cast shadows and lighting onto the eggs in the background.

This is a photo manipulation of miniature art. I made it look like as if the people in the photo were tiny ants compared to real life human structures. It was very simple and easy to create this project. Anyone of you could also do this at home if you buy yourself a photoshop engine.
Just grab photos of people you may know and crop their size much smaller but keep the landscape you're placing them on bigger to make it look like they're ants.


Vince's Photoshop assignment 2016

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 for this project i based my assingment on a form of polygon art. Polygon are is where you take any photo of your choice and make draw polygons on it and then color that one area a specific area, the shapes should usually have sharp ends to achieve a polygon look.
For my second project i chose to do double exposure. double exposure is when you take two photos, most specifically one silhouette and one background photo. After choosing you then play around with the transperancy of the first picture until you get the desired look that you like. 


Hannah Keehns Photoshop Assignment 2016

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 For my Photoshop assignment I decided to do a translucent sunset picture/ picture of myself. These are the two pictures that I used for this project, the idea was the combined both pictures and make both translucent. You had to turn your photo of yourself into a silhouette, add a layer-mask then adding your sunset to the layer mask. Once you press back to the original photo it will show the sunset, you must change the opacity of your picture of yourself. I added an extra effect by changing the background color and adding more color to my sunset. Overall it was quite difficult to figure out and had a-lot of problems along the way. I'm am very happy with the way it turned out!



Photoshop Assignment_ Polaroid Collage By_Kobe McAuley

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My Polaroid Collage_


The PhotoShop assignment I chose to do was a Polaroid Collage. I chose to do this because (in my opinion) it stood out. The steps I took to complete this assignment were:

1.The Polaroid. For the polaroid I drew two rectangles. The first one was a black rectangle, and the second was a larger white one.

2.Polaroid Background. For the 'picture' of the polaroid I selected the black square with the magic wand, switched to the background image, and hit control J. (Ctrl J switches the black to the part of the image where the shape is located)

3.Repeat. After my first polaroid I continued to fill the 'canvas' with MANY more 'Polaroids'. The way I accomplished this was repeating step two, but moving the 'polaroid' before pressing Ctrl J.

4. (optional) Add a background. For my 'Polaroid Collage' I did not add a background due to the canvas being to small (or the Polaroids being to large), but if you decide to do this, you Are able to add a background by deleting/replacing the original image.

Tutorial Link_


Arriane's This is Sargent Park

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Here is my This is Sargent Park photo essay. I know it pretty late, my apologies. In this assignment we had to have a series of 15 pictures, each describing within a minimal word/text how Sargent Park means to you.



This is Sargent Park by Jovinelle

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This is my little photo essay about what Sargent Park is to me in my own perspective.


This is Sargent Park by Jasmine

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In this presentation, I have slides that showcase what Sargent Park School means to me.



Portraits Part 1

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Here are the expectations for part 1 of the Portrait Assignment.

Have 10-12 photos of yourself,  Have them labeled and named in a folder.

Create a Slidedeck in Google. Add all the photos (raw unedited)

In a second Slidedeck attach the versions of your photos.
You can have up to 2 edits per photo.
When you are editing them you have to add contrast and do some creative cropping.

We will be adding some text to the photos.  Make sure you have some negative space on each photo.

Use the labels self portrait, your name, Harbeck

Your initial blogpost should have 2 slidedecks, labels and a title.  Due Monday December 5.


Sports Photos

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Here are some instructions when it comes to getting photos ready for the Sports TV and Yearbook.


This is Sargent Park Alicia

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this is Sargent park project. I used different picture of the school and of what we do at the school.


Photoshop Assignment - Applying Texture on Small Visuals.

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For this assignment, I chose to do this assignment because it looked pretty cool. You take a picture of a small visual, maybe an object, and a picture of a texture. Then you place the visual and the texture and place the texture on top of the visual. The next thing you do is go to Enhance -> Adjust Color -> Adjust Hue/Saturation, and then you move the saturation slider all the way to the left. After that you select the layer with the texture, and then you click the tab that says "Normal", select overlay. The final step is to right click the texture layer and select "Create Clipping Mask", and voila, your visual is textured.

Here's mine as an example:




Photoshop Assignment - Poly Art

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     The Photoshop assignment I chose to do for term 2 is called Poly Art. For this assignment I decided to do a Poly Art of myself. To do this I had to insert a photo of myself to use as an outline then I used the Polygonal Lasso Tool to make shapes based on different shades and colours of my photo. To find the colour for the shapes I used the Colour Picker Tool to take a sample and then used the Paint Bucket Tool to add the colour. 

Original Image


Jamie - Photoshop Effects Assignment

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Pic: http://psrexternal.s3.amazonaws.com/Photoshop-blog/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/11_maxresdefault.jpg 


For my project I decided to do a double exposure effect using a two images for the project. One of a portrait and one of a leafy tree.

First, I picked a portrait of my cousin since it was the only picture that I actually took a picture of someone, I then picked one of the tree pictures that I have. I selected the tree first and layered it. Its pretty easy once you get the hang of it. It's nothing like the Andy Warhol assignment and this is much more complicated.

All you need to do is mask the tree first and get rid of the extra background and add a black and white filter. Then select the part of the portrait that you want to be visible in the edit. To make a fading effect use a the gradient tool and make a line from left to right until you reached the level of transparency you want for your picture. to get rid of the excess portrait just erase them using the erasing tool. If you want some extra effects you can add a filter to spice things up.

For a better understanding on how to do this kind of effect there's a video and the website is down below. 

Tutorial: http://photoshoproadmap.com/video-tutorials/yt/t5xmMEBY2ko/


Photoshop assignment-Puzzle pieces

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This assignment was a challenging one for it was hard to edit the original image and this was taken by me it where just edited it had simple steps to it but in the end it was a fun to create and image that i myself took.

Original photo


Photo Shop Assignment - Poly Art

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For this Photoshop assignment I chose to do poly art, in order to do this type of art, I had to find a photo that I wanted to transform into polygon. I started with a picture of a flower, and transformed it to this. I did this by using different kinds of triangles; size and shape, after I have 1 triangle selected, I go to 'Filter' and choose 'Blur' and click 'Average.' After that it's all rinse and repeat,


Photoshop Assignment- Making a Galaxy by Vincent

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This Photo looks different in photo shop than in here.

For this photo shop assignment I chose to create a galaxy, or a nebula. Using various filters and brushes, along with a gradient with my colour of choice I made a galaxy style photo. The process included using multiple layers of different types to create this final product.


This is Sargent Park By Jimmy

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This is Sargent Park

 This is my Presentation for This is Sargent Park. We would have slides that explain what Sargent Park means to us. Most pictures we taken inside Sargent Park to represent what we do, and have inside.


This is Sargent Park

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This Is Sargent Park

In this presentation, I will have slides that will consist of minimal words/texts and major photography to express what Sargent Park School means to me.


Wow I am away again

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Please watch these tutorials and use your new found knowledge to add contrast and life to your photos.
Photo edit on the PC's.

Try an edit on the Macs!

My favorite video edit


Miniature Photography

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Miniature Photography 

I chose to do miniature photography. Miniature photography is taking a image and adding surreal elements, making the photo have unrealistic proportions. It's an effect or illusion. I like to think of miniature photography as another world beyond ours or seeing another living things prepective, like an ant. Blades of grass probably seems like a forest. You can really have fun and get really creative with these.


This Is Sargent Park

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This is my Sargent Park photo essay. We had to create 15 slides about our experience in the school. Each slide is my memory during my time in Sargent Park.


This is Sargent Park

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This is Sargent Park by Harbeck

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This is Sargent Park



This is Sargent Park

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This is my photo essay of Sargent Park. This essay includes the main ideas that pop into my head when I hear Sargent Park.


This is Sargent Park

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This Is Sargent Park

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I made a photo essay about Sargent Park, this will essay will show you how I see this school that I went to for about 3 years, I worked hard on this so I hope you will consider my point of view and like what I made.


This is Sargent Park by Fiona

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In this photo essay are a collection of images briefly explaining what I do in a school day at Sargent Park!


This Is Sargent Park Photo Essay by Reina

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A photo essay is an album or a short article consisting of numerous photographs and text. This is my interpretation of a photo essay, which is about Sargent Park School. I already had most of these photos already taken but I wanted to incorporate some photos about my life at Sargent Park


This is Sargent Park Photo Essay

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         A photo essay is an essay or short article consisting of text and numerous photographs. In this project, we have to make a photo essay about Sargent Park, talking about what the school means to us.



Jimmy's R.H. Sin Poems

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This is my presentation for the R.H. Sin poems. I heard that you need about 2-3 pictures that would explain the poem. But I felt like these pictures explained the poem all the way.



CC Andy Warhol

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Alicia r.h sin

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This is my my r.h sin project for GCT. I used different fonts and picture.


Shot and Angle by Alicia

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This is my shot and angle project for GCT. I have some picture I took with the camera and some the internet.


Arriane's October POTD

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Here is my October POTD


Getting To Know My DSLR ( Wakin:))) )

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October POTD

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Here is my October POTD. In the month of October, I looked around for things that I was assigned to take pictures of.



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Getting to know your DSLR


Getting to know my DSLR

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R.h Sin Poetry


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Shots and Angles


October Photo of the Day Challenge

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October Photo of the Day Challenge


Dane's October Photo Of The Day

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This project was called the October Photo Of The Day Challenge, and the purpose of this project was to take and upload pictures daily according to the given themes. The theme of day was never the same and they varied from themes like mother nature, tracks, splash of red to themes like spooky and vertical lines.


Arriane's r.h. sin poetry

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