Photo Dirty

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                 This assignment is called photomerge. You use a tripod and take pictures of a person in different positions and different areas with poses of their choice. (With the same background everytime.) After you have your pictures, you edit you pictures to make them more appealing on Photoshop Elements. After you edit, you select all the pictures that you are going to use, and go on Photomerge group shot under Enchance and Photomerge. After that, you drag a picture on the right hand side because there will be two rectangles on your screen. Next, one by one you select a picture and press the pencil tool and draw over the object/person you want to merge. If theres something in your picture you would not like, you use the erase tool and erase the line you drew little by little. You then repeat these steps to all you pictures. 

Rough Draft

  Photos I used

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