Self Portrait Miguel Lingal

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christines self portraits

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this project was made to be about ourselves, we took pictures of each other in different locations. these photos are raw and edited


Jasmine's Self Portraits

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Here is the raw version


And the edited version



Francie's Self Portraits

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Here is the raw version

And the edited version (Which is very repetitive)


Jimmy's Portraits

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This is my presentation for Portraits. In this presentation you would put an image of yourself unedited along with the same image edited. We are also supposed to type out what you did while editing.


Arriane's Self Portraits P1

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 This is my raw and edited self-portrait assignment. For this assignment, we had to take pictures of ourselves with a negative background around the school to put onto a slide deck. We were then taught how to edit photos to make them look better.


Gab"s Portrait Characteristic Slidedeck

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Here is my Self Portrait Presentation.
This presentation will show different portraits(raw and edited). My goal is to improve my raw camera portraits and show in text what I will change or plan. This presentation also includes the flash photos. A second slide deck contains different characteristics about me.



self portraits project alicia

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This my portriat pictures for the gct project. I used different pictures of me and fix them to look even better.


Self Portrait

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This project is about me. We took pictures of our faces in different locations and edited them in a creative way. This slide deck contains raw, edited and cropped images of me.


Self Portraits P1

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This Project is about me. We took pictures of ourselves in different locations with a creative background. This slide deck contains raw and edited pictures of me.


Fantastic Portrait Ideas

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Check out the link below for some terrific portrait ideas


Joanna's this is Sargent park

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PhotoShop Assignment GCT 16

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This is my PhotoShop Assignment for GCT 16. I made 5 projects done both being hard and easy but give meaning and depth in the picture.


My Self Portraits!!

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These are my Portraits, edited and unedited. I really enjoy this assignment as I get to play around with photo-shop and learning how to edit my pictures. Although I don't really enjoy other people taking photos of me, I've learned to live with it I guess.


Self Portrait- Isaiah Miranda

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For my self portrait I just made minor adjustments to my raw images to make it look more appealing. What I used to edit my photos is adobe, Photoshop elements 12.


self portrait

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Terrific link

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Here is a cool link on how to use a DSLR on manual and what you can do to improve photos.


Photoshop assignment

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p1 Self Portrait

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                                                            P1 SELF PORTRAIT



Self Portrait P1

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This project is about us or me. We had to take pictures of ourselves in different locations in our school. For this project, we had to make a slide deck that has a raw, cropped and edited pictures. Each slide will have a raw, cropped, and edited image.


Self portraits

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Please watch these two videos

Choose a door


Joanna's Self Portraits

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Joanna's Self Portraits 


Self Portrait (Wakin) Raw Images

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Portrait P1 by Fiona

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For this assignment, we were taught the basics of post-production and how to make your photos look better after you've taken them. It's as simple as adjusting the contrast settings and cropping the photo. Taking those easy small steps will do so much for the outcome of your image. I had a lot of fun throughout the whole project (getting scared of the camera was my favourite part) and was very interested in the workings of editing. 

Slidedeck I - Raw Photos

Slidedeck II - Cropped & Edited


Dane's Photoshop Assignment

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For my photoshop project, I decided to go with an assignment that related to watercolour. Watercolour art has, and still is something i'm fascinated by. Making my own with minimal art skills and free downloadable brushes has definitely been fun.  The steps and skills needed for this project are pretty basic. Like the pop art assignment, a prepared cutout image needs to already be on hand. The picture I used for this one has a cutout filter added on to it, but feel free to use any filter that complements what you're going for. The altered image is then placed on a layer, where you can start adding the downloaded brushes on a different layer so it doesn't affect/tint the image. The skills we learned from the Andy Warhol assignment benefits you for this one.



Eunice's Photoshop Assignment

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    For this assignment i have chosen to do a reflected photo and made it seem as if it was a painting. To achieve this I started off by adding a layer and placing my photo in. Then I used the lasso tool to outline the mountain in the picture and deleted the everything else except the mountain. After I clicked the "filter" then "Artistic" found in the top bar. You can choose which ever style you would like you own photo to be. I had chosen the "Film Grain" to complement my image. Once I had chosen my style, on the left there will be a bar where you had the option to change the brush size an sharpness of the image. Moving on I then duplicated my slide which contained the edited mountain, on the duplicated slide I rotated it to a 180 degree angle and flipped I horizontally by right clicking the mouse and lined the image where the reflection line would be. Now on to the background. The background is quite easy to obtain. First I went to the background layer.All I really had to do is go to the brush tool and chose which brush style and color to do and added it to the picture. The more I clicked the darker the color became making it look much prettier that just having the plain solid colored background.


Portrait Part 1

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My friend has taken pictures of me and then I put into a slide deck after that I changed my pictures with adobe photoshop and put into a 2nd slide deck.


December Instagram Project

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A B C D ..... now I know my ABC's won't you come and see them with me! Your next camera phone Instagram challenge is to find all the letters of the alphabet in nature.  You are not looking for them in signs or in books but naturally occurring in nature.


Please post your photos to Instagram.  You can do one a day or all in one day.... Keep track of the letters you have taken. You may have more than example of each letter.  At the end of the project (January) we will create a collage of what you have taken in Elements.

Due Date January 9
What is owed 26 or more letters naturally occurring in nature.

At Instagram please tag your photos with GCT16, nature letter A, nature letter B etc 

For extra marks find the letters of the alphabet in different signs around the city or made up letters from everyday items.  Variety of colour in your background makes this interesting.

At Instagram please tag your photos with GCT16, sign letter A, madeup letter B etc 

Alphabet Photos

More Urban Alphabet Photos