Final Assignment Harbeck

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My Life at Sargent Park.

The final Assignment of the year is to complete a retrospective of your memories of Sargent Park.  They can be great memories or good Memories.  

In a slide deck brainstorm all the things you liked about SP
  • Before School
  • Friends
  • Grounders
  • Music
…. And the list goes on.

Once you have your list create a small creative writing project poem, short story, even sentences held together by your GCT work.

Your work to accompany the creative writing will include
  • Photographs edited in PS or elements (Pano, photo dirty, double exposure)
  • Small video (less than 1 min) edited in movie maker or iMovie
  • Photos edited/ cropped to help tell the story
  • Anything else to make your post super fantastic

We have a class Joomag account.  If you want to make a great Magazine to show off your work you are more than welcome.  Ask me for access to the School account.

This is the last assignment of the year.  We still have yearbook and grad video to do with the other section.