Eunice's Magazine Cover

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       For my magazine assignment I decided to start off by brainstorming all the things I wanted to be on the cover. Next, I did a rough sketch on a piece of paper to see how all of my components would fit together. After I went onto the computer to to pick out the right background for my cover. Then I had Emily to take a portrait picture of me and took that picture and put into the computer. 

The first thing I did the the picture was get rid of all the background and i enhanced my photo by playing aroung with the colours. Then I went to to pick out fonts the will compliment my cover. I pressed the print screen botton and then transfered it into photoshop. After getting rid off all the white space I place the word as to where I wanted it in the cover. The last thing I did was put a barcode and the price of the magazine.

I decided to make a second magazine for fun and for marks. I went on Google and searched for magazine covers to get an inspiration. I chose one that I liked the most so that it would be more enjoyable to re create. The process of this magazine was quicker than my first magazine cover because of the way I had accomplished it. The way I did my second magazine cover was:
Step 1- I made the backgound similar to the original by making a white rectangle shape at the top 
Step 2- I took the pictures needed for my cover
Step 3- I got rid of all the background space and placed the photo into photoshop
Step 4- To create the effect of the rips I used the brush tool
Step 5- I went to and print screened all the the words I needed for my cover
Step 6- I place each word into photo shop and tried to make it complement each other
Step 7- Lastly I plave the barcode