Emily's Magazine Cover

9:14 AM emily jade 0 Comments

For this GCT assignment, right after recreating a movie poster, we were assigned to pick a magazine cover we enjoyed to get an inspiration for the one that we were going to make. We had to use Photo Shop to make our magazine cover as real as we could.

The steps I had used was: I first chose multiple magazine covers that I thought were nice enough to recreate. Out of the 8 covers, I chose one that I thought was the best. I then made a practice cover on loose leaf so I had my cover planned. I decided what I was going write, place etc. so that it was easier for me. I picked out the words, then found the proper font that matches the one on my inspiration magazine cover. After, I took pictures to match the magazine cover as well. After all of the fonts and pictures, I had added a barcode to make it look like a true magazine.