How to Make School More Miserable Than It Already Should Be

1:02 AM Arriane Yanto 0 Comments

I lost my USB which had some of the better clips in it so I had to settle with some really shaky footage): I also have really shaky hands, I could be just holding a pencil and my hand would shake uncontrollably. I could have made this video really boMB but I decided to use movie maker so I could work on it at home, SO NOW I HAVE SOME REALLY GOOD, HIGH QUALITY TEXT AND SOME RANDOM BOARDERS I CAN'T SEEM TO GET RID OF. If I were to change things up in this video, I would. I would have added more footage to make this video slightly better but that's kind of hard if you have a time limit. Anyways please bare with me, I know my video is lame and cringey but Ana isn't!! I'm kidding she's lame too. But I enjoyed making this and I hope you equally enjoy watching this.