My Life at Sargent Park

For our last assignment, we had to make a presentation broadcasting your life involving Sargent Park. I gathered some photos and videos I've captured throughout the year(s) so you can see my life through your eyes how my years were like at Sargent Park. I also wanted to incorporate a video into this project, but unfortunately, someone is borrowing my SD card to use for the farewell video.

*ALSO, the video at the end; for some reason while uploading the quality went all weird but I don't have the time to figure out how to fix it.

Photo Walk

My Life at Sargent Park

My life at Sargent Park

This presentation is based on our lives at Sargent Park. This is our final project for GCT for the rest of the year.

My Life At Sargent Park

For our Final Project in GCT, we made a presentation about the retrospective of our memories at Sargent Park.

My Life at Sargent Park

For our final assignment, we were to put together a slide deck filled with our memories of Sargent Park. Along with it, we had to make some type of creative writing like, poems, a short story, captions, etc.

My Life at Sargent Park

I created a photo essay with a few photoshopped photos to represent my life at Sargent Park. My creative writing piece is included in the presentation.

Creative writing piece

Sargent Park is great                                                                           
Teachers can help when wanted     
Even when it’s lunch

You can make friends there
Go on trips, make memories
You can have some fun

Sargent park provides
Buy food from vending machine
Tech you can go use

Practical arts there
Learn how to act at drama
Go become a pro

Subjects are taught well
Specially mathematics
Make sure you listen

Sargent has a lot
Of activities there like…
Music, art, and sports

Our native land and,
Patriot love and glowing hearts,
We Canadians