Double Exposure Final Post

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Your Final post for the Double exposure should have the following,

Title ASDFG's Double Exposure
Label Double Exposure, Harbeck, Your Name

In the body you should have the following.

  • Double Exposure
  • Picture 1 (person)
  • Picture 2 (background)
  • Url's where you found them
Repeat this for your second one done from online sources.  

For your own photo you need to choose two portraits one landscape and one portrait.  If you do not have a good portrait and just landscapes crop your photo to the right size.
  • YOur portrait
  • Photo you will have taken outside for a background
  • Double Exposure.
  • Repeat for the 2nd photo
All together you are expected to have 4 double exposure photos here.  YOu will have 8 photos or more that make up the layers of your Double Exposures.  Due Thursday of next week April 20 before class.