Vince's Movie Poster (Sargent Park)

5:56 AM Vince Torres 0 Comments

For my movie poster, i chose to do the classic and iconic Jurassic Park T-Rex movie poster, but htis time instead of a T-Rex i instead put a picture i took of the school, and placed an image of me and my  "co-stars along with it. Few things i also changed were the text and credits, so far i think i did a good job on it, but the only thing i wish i could go back and refine wold be the text and credits at the bottom, at the time those were the only things i could think of. But anyways i made this by first taking a picture of the school and a picture to put as tribute for my friends after that, i went straight to the computer and started working on the background, the iconic logo shape and i even managed to recreate the little tree at the bottom with a brush i got from deviant art . After everything was prepared it was only a matter of putting everything together.