Eunice's Movie Poster

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For our movie poster assignment themed Sargent Park I decided to replicate the repentance movie poster. At first I took pictures of the people who are going to be in the poster. To make editing easier, I made them stand in front of a green screen. I then took those pictures to adobe Photoshop and each picture was edited separately. Individually the pictures were edited so that it is black and white, and given the effect of bold and dark with brushes that was designed to look like dust and also some water paint brushes to make is look like it is been foggy. After I have edited all the pictures I then put all the images in one document. I imitated the rips on the original poster to my own to make it more alike. After I added a whitish-yellow colour to my rips to make is more convincing. Adding on I painted the background the same or closest colour as that of the original. Lastly put the title and the names of the people in the images.