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GCT Movie Poster

Before I Fall

My Version:
Before I Go

I chose the Before I Fall movie poster as my inspiration for the movie poster project because I thought it was a really cool poster to recreate or make a poster somewhat similar to it. It also meets the criteria of the movie poster, it has a lot of layers for the poster to be completely finished, that's where meeting the criteria comes in. It isn't easy but its also not hardcore, expert level. It's also fun to create and just adding effects on the pictures to match your liking.

All you really needed to do was take about 3-4 photos of yourself but from probably from your waist then up or from your stomach then up as long as your face is clear and visible. Then there's the background, for me, I made up my own background but still kept the picture of our school, I also added a Bokeh effect also known as those bubble light effects.


Then after that, all you need to really focus on are your profile, cropping them out getting rid of the space that aren't really needed for the poster and just selecting a portion of the profile edits then putting them altogether on a new document or one of your pictures. After them altogether i decided on putting a little more of Bokeh effect and its on a new layer, then messing around with it a bit by blurring it just the slightest. Then finishing the poster with a few words and our Flames quote.

The Mortal Instrument 
City of Bones

My Poster