Christmas Stop Motion by Vincent Maula and John Carlo Espiritu

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Vincent and JC's Stop Motion from vincent maula on Vimeo.

     For this project we created a stop motion video. What we did good on was the choreography. We organized the parts in videos so that is tells a clear story. Our story was based on Christmas and the tradition of setting out cookies and milk for Santa enjoy. We could improve on being mores prepared. We didn't have a tripod at the time because we worked on it at home. We learned that stop motion requires many pictures in which the objects have to be moved slightly every picture to produce the visual of an inanimate object moving on its own, but you can also incorporate normal video to create a difference between the scenes. We also learned how to use the Movie Maker Program. We learned how to increase or decrease the amount of time the picture was shown. This was the key to making the video possible. We had few difficulties throughout this process. Only when we were finished did we have trouble.