Vanessa and Stefi's Stop Motion

9:21 AM Stefi Remonte 0 Comments

Have you ever wondered what toys do when we are not around? Well then, now you know! Watch our fantastic stop motion about how friends gather around Mrs. MacFarlane Penner's corner and how they P A R T Y!


GCT MOVIE from Stefi Remonte on Vimeo.

The process of making this stop motion took up 3 class times, it took another 3 classes to edit the movie. The hardest part was trying to keep the camera steady especially when we did not have a tripod. It was also hard to recreate the scene we left off at and continued the next class. The fun part was picking out the music and making the credits! We learned that stop motion takes a long time to create because you need to take so many photos for a one minute video. The easiest part was making up the story line with the help of Ms. Magalhaes. Overall, it was a fun project to do and the outcome ended up pretty good! :)