Vince's instagram asignment

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Decembers Instagram assignment 
 For this assignment we were told to go around the school, our homes, and anywhere else and take pictures of either objects and or structure that would resemble a letter. A few things i liked about this project was that it opened up my mind a little bit more and see things for more than what they really are. not only did it teach me to look at things and resemble them to objects it also taught me to be more creative, which i think is going to help me when taking future photos. And although it was a challenge for certain letters, but all in all i think i enjoyed doing this assignment.


shots and angles video edition

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Shots and Angles:Video Edition

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Shots and Angles Video Edition Reina

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These are the definitions to some camera angles for video. This is only a portion of our new assignment. This is like the last Shots and Angles slide deck but it's for videos.


Shots and Angles: Video Edtion

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In This Presentation we are creating another Shots and Angles 
presentation, but for videos. Our job we to search and define some word that
are related to camera Shots and Angles but for video.


Brilliant use of Timelapse

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Check out his video.  Watch to see how it uses the timelapse and sync's it to the music.

Check out the website here

Cool stuff


Shots n Angles: Video Edition

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Joanna's Shotsand Angles video edition

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Shots and Angles : Video Edition

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Shots and Angles

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We made another Shots and Angle, but this time it's a video edition, this is will be a small part of our video project.


Jasmine's Shots and Angles: Video Edition

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We had to define the different types of shots and angles, and shot sequences for our upcoming video project.


Shots and Angles: Video Edition

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This is a small part of our video project. We had to do Shots and Angles again but in a video edition with different types of shots/angles.

My storyboard for my 1 Minute How To video


Fiona's Shots and Angles: Video Edition

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GCT '17 Stop Motion Kobe/Savanna

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Sticky Note Stop Motion GCT '17 from Kobe McAuley on Vimeo.


Hannah's Instagram Alphabet/Numbers

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Vanessa and Stefi's Stop Motion

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Have you ever wondered what toys do when we are not around? Well then, now you know! Watch our fantastic stop motion about how friends gather around Mrs. MacFarlane Penner's corner and how they P A R T Y!


GCT MOVIE from Stefi Remonte on Vimeo.

The process of making this stop motion took up 3 class times, it took another 3 classes to edit the movie. The hardest part was trying to keep the camera steady especially when we did not have a tripod. It was also hard to recreate the scene we left off at and continued the next class. The fun part was picking out the music and making the credits! We learned that stop motion takes a long time to create because you need to take so many photos for a one minute video. The easiest part was making up the story line with the help of Ms. Magalhaes. Overall, it was a fun project to do and the outcome ended up pretty good! :)


Dane and Hannah's Stop Motion

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Our stop motion shows many of the different colors that are apart of the color wheel.

The basic storyline of this stopmotion is to have a variety of different colors, also we used the paper to sybolize that you can make anything with imagination. Meaning we colored the paper red to show it turning into an apple hense the color red. We used the different color of pencil crayons and the different color of m&m's to symobilize that they were a part of the pencil crayons. We also decided to use a combination of different items to make the stopmotion not basic and more interesting. We didnt want to settle with one item.

Music Credit - Drag Me Down Instrumental


Slidedeck 1 for Learning about Video

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Here is what you need in your Slide Deck

Define the following Video concepts and what they are good for.


Storyboard for Video



One Minute Video Links

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One minute video links

Types of Shots

Videos on Shot types

Film Techniques for Students


Filming with cheap equipment

One minute art muse



How to


Letters and Numbers Slide Deck

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Over the month of December, we were assigned to look for things that looked like letters. We had to find manmade and raw letters. We then created an Alphabet Book.


Dane's December Instagram Project

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The purpose of this project was to find letters in everyday objects, whether that'd be finding the letter S concealed within your neighbours fence or a box of crackers. This project was very entertaining to do and it miraculously got me out of bed. Although some letters like E and P, required more effort. Overall this project really challenged me and it would be something i'd consider doing again.


Letters and Numbers Slide Deck

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For this presentation, you will see all the letters in the alphabet that I took pictures of during the winter break. I batch converted the letters so it looks the same and nice. In two slide decks, one will have man-made and the other will have raw.


Letters slide deck

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We had to take pictures of letters that were man made and raw. Then we had to crop the pictures we took and make an alphabet book.  


Ana's Letters and Numbers Slide Deck

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This challenge is called The Alphabet Challenge. We were given the whole winter break to finish taking pictures. We had to look at our surrounding and find things that look like letters or a letter itself. We had to make a raw letter slide deck and a manmade slide deck. We cropped and batched our picture to make it look nice.




Jasmine's Letters and Numbers Slide Deck

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During winter break, we were assigned to take picture of objects that look like each letter of the alphabet. I thought it wasn't that difficult of a task, but it was frustrating trying to find letters, especially when I try so hard to make it look like something it's not. This challenge made me see objects in a different way and really pushed me to pay more attention to detail.


Alphabet Book

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For this project we had to take pictures of letters that looked like a letter unintentionally, and letters we see in our everyday lives during the break. With all the letters that we got pictures of we had to make an alphabet book by cropping and resizing our pictutres.


Joanna's Portraits

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Joanna's Portraits


Letters Slide Deck

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During our winter break we were assigned to take pictures of raw and man made letters, it took us while and I ended up with 2 slide decks FILLED with the pictures, the pics also ended up being nice too.


Fiona's Letters and Numbers Slide Deck

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During the winter break, our class was challenged to scavenge for objects that resembled letters from the alphabet. I felt both thrilled and frustrated all throughout the hunt for the letters. Thrilled because I had something to occupy myself with through two weeks of nothing to do. Frustrated because I often found myself not knowing where to find any of the characters. (there was one instance where I desperately tried to make an edamame bean pass for a letter, my attempts were unsuccessful.) This assignment truly challenged the way I perceived objects and how I can make them look a certain way.




Jasmine's Portrait Characteristic Slide

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For this project, we anonymously wrote down compliments on our classmates' computers. Using those comments, we made acrostic poems with our names and incorporated some typography in the photos.


Alphabet/Number Posts

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Alphabet And Numbers Posts


Alphabet Challenge

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Alphabet Sign Letters, Man Made Letters A-Z

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Ana's Portrait Characteristic Slidedeck

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This is Part 2 of our Portrait. In this presentation, I combined Part 1 and Part 2 together. In part 2, we had to go around the room and complimented each other. Then we had to make an acrostic poem using our name. Then if our name was too short we have to add the compliments we gave each other to make 10 slides altogether. We also added the flash pictures.


Jimmy's Portrait Characteristics Slidedeck

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In this we have chosen our favorite pictures
and put down some characteristics that people 
have written about us. We also put our flash pictures into a 
copied version of our slide deck.


December Letters

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This is my December Instagram Photo Challenge, I did Sign Letters (A-Z) and Man Made Letters (A-Z) Sometimes it was hard to find the sign letters but it was fun looking for the letters! Overall, it was a fun project to do over the break.


Christmas Stop Motion by Vincent Maula and John Carlo Espiritu

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Vincent and JC's Stop Motion from vincent maula on Vimeo.

     For this project we created a stop motion video. What we did good on was the choreography. We organized the parts in videos so that is tells a clear story. Our story was based on Christmas and the tradition of setting out cookies and milk for Santa enjoy. We could improve on being mores prepared. We didn't have a tripod at the time because we worked on it at home. We learned that stop motion requires many pictures in which the objects have to be moved slightly every picture to produce the visual of an inanimate object moving on its own, but you can also incorporate normal video to create a difference between the scenes. We also learned how to use the Movie Maker Program. We learned how to increase or decrease the amount of time the picture was shown. This was the key to making the video possible. We had few difficulties throughout this process. Only when we were finished did we have trouble.


Letters and Numbers

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This is my GCT project of numbers (0-9), raw letters,and man made letters. This project was difficult at times to find something that really looked like the actual letter. Even though it was a challenge I found it satisfying when i finally got each letter and number.


Raezel's Portrait Characteristic Slidedeck

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Portraits Part 2

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For this project, we walked around the lab and put compliments for all the students in the classroom on their computers. With those comments they gave to us, we made a poem using our names, and also some extra pictures that went along with some of our favourite compliments that didn't fit in with our name poem.


december instagram project

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Portraits and Self Portraits Final Publishing Instructions

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Here are your final instructions for the self portrait assignment.  Due Friday January 13.


December Photo Challenge

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This was a December Winter Break project initiated by our Gct class. We had to find man-made letters and letters that were formed by objects.


Fiona's Portrait Characteristic Slidedeck

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SELF PORTRAITS 2 - Typography

Inspired by self-love Dove commercials, we were instructed to compliment our peers anonymously to remind each other of our positive traits. We were to incorporate these compliments for the second part of our project using typography. 


December Instagram Project

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This was a project during the Christmas holidays. Using Instagram, we includes letter that were man made and objects that looked like letters.


Raw letters and Man Made letters

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Here are pictures of raw letters and man made letters.


Portraits Part 2

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My friend took pictures of me and then I then I edited the pictures in adobe Bridge. This is the second part of the portraits with more pictures.


self port 2

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for this project, we went around the class saying what we like about one another. we used what they said and up it into these slides. so this is what they said about me