Emily and Eunice's Stop Motion

7:22 PM Eunice 0 Comments

For our stop motion, we decided to make it out of candy in multiple ways. We used a variety of candy such as Mn&Ms, Skittles, and rainbow strip candy. We came to the conclusion that we were going to have an old retro game that was the first video game made, then the game puck would fall out of frame and into a pile of coloured candy, the candy would then separate once it was hit with the game piece. The group of candy then would open up and reveal a happy stickman made from candy. the stickman would then dance and would meet up with a dark, sad stickman made from led of a pencil. The sad stickman and the happy stickman became friends and the happy stickman touches the sad stickman and the sad stickman becomes a candy stickman too, they then danced off into the sunset.