How to make a Grill Cheese Sandwich By Meti Tolawak

10:22 AM Meti Tolawak 0 Comments

The shots I used for my video are the one in the beginning is a medium shot, then it shows a cut in of the ingredients. Then it showed a side shot of the buttering from both sides.Then I showed a POV shot of my sister putting the bread in the toaster.I also showed a close up shot of the timer clock to show how much you put for the timer. Then I show a time-lapse of the bread getting toasted. Then it shows a Pov shot of my sister flipping the bread. Later I use an The top shot for putting cheese on the bread. then I put the camera in the microwave to show a different suspect of the  makings of grill cheese sandwich. Then I showed a close up view of the timer to show how much time you put. The I show the finishing product at several views which are the top view and side view.(close up shot)