Photoshop Assignment_ Polaroid Collage By_Kobe McAuley

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My Polaroid Collage_


The PhotoShop assignment I chose to do was a Polaroid Collage. I chose to do this because (in my opinion) it stood out. The steps I took to complete this assignment were:

1.The Polaroid. For the polaroid I drew two rectangles. The first one was a black rectangle, and the second was a larger white one.

2.Polaroid Background. For the 'picture' of the polaroid I selected the black square with the magic wand, switched to the background image, and hit control J. (Ctrl J switches the black to the part of the image where the shape is located)

3.Repeat. After my first polaroid I continued to fill the 'canvas' with MANY more 'Polaroids'. The way I accomplished this was repeating step two, but moving the 'polaroid' before pressing Ctrl J.

4. (optional) Add a background. For my 'Polaroid Collage' I did not add a background due to the canvas being to small (or the Polaroids being to large), but if you decide to do this, you Are able to add a background by deleting/replacing the original image.

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