GCT Assignment: Stephen Kang

9:41 AM Stephen Kang 0 Comments

This assignment was photo manipulation where you crop out people's heads and replace the eggs on the egg tray with the heads. First, I had to trace the front part of the egg tray to copy and paste. After that, I took photos of each teacher and used the lasso tool to crop out their heads. I then put the three layers of the heads behind the egg tray layer to manipulate the eye into thinking it was three plain, shiny eggs. I did some finishing touches with the dodge and burn tool to cast shadows and lighting onto the eggs in the background.

This is a photo manipulation of miniature art. I made it look like as if the people in the photo were tiny ants compared to real life human structures. It was very simple and easy to create this project. Anyone of you could also do this at home if you buy yourself a photoshop engine.
Just grab photos of people you may know and crop their size much smaller but keep the landscape you're placing them on bigger to make it look like they're ants.