Photo Essay This is Sargent Park

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cc photo

Your next assignment will be a photo essay.  You first need to know what a photo essay is.

In a Google Slide deck you will compose a small poem, essay for set of notes for this idea. THIS IS SARGENT PARK.  When you think of Sargent Park what does it mean to you? What does it mean to the staff? What does it mean to the community?  You only have 15 slides that will consist of minimal words/text and major photography to express What SARGENT PARK means to you. An easy way to start is to create a top 15 list. List as many things as possible about the school, community and your life here that makes you happy or sad. This will be the starting point for your photographic essay.

There are some examples of photo essays. Please note how they use minimal text to educate us but the photos tell 1000 words.

See you all on Thursday.