Eunice's Photoshop Assignment

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    For this assignment i have chosen to do a reflected photo and made it seem as if it was a painting. To achieve this I started off by adding a layer and placing my photo in. Then I used the lasso tool to outline the mountain in the picture and deleted the everything else except the mountain. After I clicked the "filter" then "Artistic" found in the top bar. You can choose which ever style you would like you own photo to be. I had chosen the "Film Grain" to complement my image. Once I had chosen my style, on the left there will be a bar where you had the option to change the brush size an sharpness of the image. Moving on I then duplicated my slide which contained the edited mountain, on the duplicated slide I rotated it to a 180 degree angle and flipped I horizontally by right clicking the mouse and lined the image where the reflection line would be. Now on to the background. The background is quite easy to obtain. First I went to the background layer.All I really had to do is go to the brush tool and chose which brush style and color to do and added it to the picture. The more I clicked the darker the color became making it look much prettier that just having the plain solid colored background.